What’s it like to be interviewed on NPR?

Earlier this week I went to KQED to do an interview with Scott Simon for NPR’s Weekend Edition, to air Feb 9. I am a huge NPR fan and didn’t sleep much the night before (visions of listeners all over the country looking at each other and saying “who is this fool on the radio?”) πŸ˜…

Everyone at KQED was so nice, including the kind parking attendant lady who gave me a pep talk, “You just go in there, girl!”. The interview itself was a remote link up to Weekend Edition’s studio in DC, and actually a fun experience. This was entirely due to the fact that Scott Simon is such a great interviewer. He has a really warm and kind manner – no wonder people want to share all kinds of things with him!

They record a longer segment and pull about 5 minutes or so from it. The whole thing felt like it went pretty fast, though it took about half an hour by the clock. At one point I blanked out and was thinking “uh… my mouth is moving – what am I saying??!”

After that I walked around the block and had cake for lunch. And now I think I will go and collapse somewhere in amazement because…NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO!! Aahhhhh!

You can hear the radio interview here https://www.npr.org/…/in-the-night-tiger-fantastic-beasts-o…

3 responses to “What’s it like to be interviewed on NPR?”

  1. I just finished listening to your talk. And I was on my way to Barnes and Noble to go buy your book today but the bookstore was closed! It closed early due to the snow here in Seattle Washington area. I was so sad. But I will go firs thing tomorrow morning to go buy your novel!!!

    I truly enjoyed your first one and I am stoked to read your second.

    I totally understand the term weretiger, as in the Hmong culture, we have such stories as well! Very creepy and yet I am intrigued because I am also a creative writer who is currently working on my own novel.

    Anyway, you’re one of my favorite authors!

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