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The Ghost Bride on Netflix

Deep breath. Netflix is making THE GHOST BRIDE into a Chinese drama series!! It’s been sooo hard to keep this under wraps but now I can finally share it with all of you!! Aaaahhhhhh!!! I’m actually crying!! So excited!

Here’s a teaser trailer from NETFLIX.

And here’s the Netflix announcement plus Variety coverage.

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  1. Zana J. #

    OMG OMG! Is this for real!!!! I can’t wait to see my favourite book that I have been reading over and over again for the past few years come into drama series! xoxo

    January 29, 2019
  2. skywritingsusan #

    Congratulations!!! I became aware of you long ago when I was querying Jenny Bent, and she revealed your beautiful (first) book cover. What a joy to see your journey! Thanks for posting your thrilling news! 🙂

    January 30, 2019
    • Thank you for coming with me on this journey! I really appreciate it 🙂

      February 6, 2019
  3. Rebecca Rose #

    Has the preview really been removed, or is my phone just really mean to me?

    January 30, 2019
    • Mj Ferrier #

      can’t see the preview either 😦

      January 30, 2019
    • Hi Rebecca, I think if you refresh the page, you should be able to see it now 🙂

      February 6, 2019
  4. The video is here! I am so excited! I was already excited because this morning I got notice of The Night Tiger–what a gorgeous cover!–and was already excited.

    January 30, 2019
    • I see they’ve taken your story’s premise and turned it into a different story. I realize this can be frustrating for a writer, but I hope you can reap the many benefits from having this great thing happen–your work be recognized as worthy of recreating in film–and it will be only the first of many more special things to come!

      January 30, 2019
      • Catherine #

        That’s the trailer for an NZ horror film that came out two months after Ghost Bride (the book) was released, so unrelated. Here’s the Netflix announcement trailer link:

        January 30, 2019
      • Thank you so much, Catherine! 🙂

        February 6, 2019
    • Awww…. that is so kind of you!

      February 6, 2019
  5. irishgirl106 #

    Wonderful news! So exciting to see a new life for The Ghost Bride!

    January 30, 2019
  6. Irene #

    OMG! So happy for you. I was wishing this for you! I’m so excited about this!

    January 30, 2019
  7. robersonem #

    I’m so so excited for you! I wonder if any of the other people from our class are publishing?


    Sent from my iPhone


    January 30, 2019
    • That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Can’t wait for your upcoming novel!

      February 6, 2019
  8. So exciting! Congrats!

    February 2, 2019
  9. Thank you, Catherine!!! I’m relieved! If I can, I’ll delete the link I posted!

    February 2, 2019
    • Okay, I can’t delete it. But Yangsze, feel free to delete the link I posted this is wrong.

      February 2, 2019
      • Hi Patricia! Thank you so much for your well-wishes! I deleted the link per your request. 🙂

        February 6, 2019
  10. Chisi Amanda Xiong #

    Omg!!!!!!! So so so so excited! I will definitely watch it when it airs and i will continue to recommend your novel to friends and family! Keep writing. I love your work.

    February 12, 2019
    • Thank you so much!! That’s very kind of you! 🙂

      February 15, 2019
  11. Tim Williams #

    Congratulations, it’s great to hear ‘The Ghost Bride’ is going to be made into a drama by Netflix, I’m looking forward to it. Indeed, I imagine many of my English Reading/Writing students (a university in Taiwan) will also be eager to see the series, as I have used “The Ghost Bride” for three years now as required winter vacation reading. Surprisingly, or maybe not, many of the students know very little about ghost brides. Although one student told me his father has some friends who really did ‘marry the dead’. Apparently some of the older generation say that if you’re a man, then marrying a dead woman will help you in your business. Hmmm

    February 17, 2019
    • Hi Tim, thank you so much! I’m honored that your students have been reading THE GHOST BRIDE and I hope they enjoy it – can’t wait to see what the Netflix series will be like! 🙂

      February 18, 2019

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