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Official Version:

Yangsze Choo is a NYTimes bestselling novelist and a fourth generation Malaysian of Chinese descent. Due to a childhood spent in various countries, she can eavesdrop (badly) in several languages. After graduating from Harvard, she worked in various corporate jobs and had a briefcase, while writing fiction on a coffee table at home in her spare time.ย 

Her debut novel, The Ghost Bride, was a New York Times bestseller and now a Netflix Original series. Her second novel, The Night Tiger, was a Reese Witherspoon Bookclub pick and a Big Jubilee Read selection for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. She lives in California with her family and loves to eat and read (often at the same time). Her upcoming third novel, The Fox Wife, and all previous books would not have been possible without large quantities of dark chocolate.

Yangsze is happy to visit bookclubs via Zoom! You can find her on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Unofficial Version:


Actually, I just like food a lot. This candid shot is from a lovely party where you can see everybody else is interacting with other people. I am interacting with a piece of cake…

143 responses to “About Yangsze”

    • Yangsze, I just read about your elephant mystery. I think you should take another look at it. The premise was great.

      I wanted to let you know that I have put your blurb for my mystery, The Ginseng Conspiracy on Goodreads as well as FB and my website. I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

      Susan Bernhardt

  1. Yang Sze ~ you always surprise me with your creativity and talent and amazing way of bringing your passion to fruition! Congratulations on the publishing of your new novel–i love the design of the cover–an eye catcher for sure! i can’t wait to see what readers say once it goes to press! that is a great photo of you too. I am so so happy for you!!! Ann

  2. Reading your blog has inspired me to continue writing, so Iโ€™ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!
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  3. Hi Yangsze!

    Glad i discovered your blog, I love anything and everything that has to do with food haha.

    I stumbled on your blog through the Los Angeles tag and wanted you to be one of the first to know that we are launching an event website called wigo events. Our site focuses on a community of users in Los Angeles sharing cool events that they know about, and we would love to have you be a part of it! If you are interested in being one of our very first users please leave us your email address at the link right below, sorry its so long, don’t know how to add a hyperlink in the comment section haha. Once our site goes live in the next few months, we’ll let you know!



  4. Here’s a congratulations wish from home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tahniah di atas kejayaan saudari Yangsze dalam menerbitkan novel pertama, The Ghost Bride. Saya tidak sabar untuk membukai lembaran novel tersebut dan berharap saudari Yangsze sudi datang ke Malaysia untuk mempromosikan novel tersebut. 31 Ogos 2013 adalah tarikh yang sesuai untuk kembali ke tanahair. Malaysia akan menyambut kemerdekaannya yang ke-56!


    Sabrina – a fellow Malaysian.

    • Terima kasih, Sabrina!! Thank you so much for your good wishes – I’m sorry I can’t make it to Malaysia for Merdeka day this year, but I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the book. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I loved your book! It was magical to real. Could not put it down for three days. It gave me inspiration to visit Malaysia one day, and eat all the tasty food you describe in the book.
    Well done.


    • Thank you so much, Jo! I’m very happy you enjoyed the book, and yes, please come and visit Malaysia! There are many, many more wonderful things to eat there… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I saw The Ghost Bride in Books & Magazines at KLIA this morning! The cover is really an eye-catcher. Had a quick read of the first few pages and I love it. Much love from Malaysia โค

  7. Checked out your book from the library yesterday. Read through the night, and fell in LOVE with the story, style and everything else. Just ordered it from Amazon to ship to my “west coast” half-sister and step mom (both Chinese and Chinese/American) in California who will love it too. Cannot WAIT to read your next novel. Thank you, thank you for a one-of-a-kind novel!

  8. I read your book, The Ghost Bride… I love it so much… love the story… I could read it like over and over again… Please come out with more books… ;๏ผ‰

  9. I love both the print and audio version, the storyline is most intriguing and refreshing, which i can relate to since i’m Malaysian and Chinese ๐Ÿ™‚ WELL DONE!!! Any plans for a sequel? Hope to read more if your writings soon…

  10. Hello Yangsze,
    I just finished your book and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a great storyteller. I could not put the book down. I have recommended “The Ghost Bride” to all my friends. I look forward to your next novel!

  11. hiiiiiiiii yangsze… aunty? ehehe i read your book and i was sO excited to find out it was set in Malaysia (because im malaysian so it was very interesting). i hope you write a new book soon~!

  12. Greetings Yangsze,
    I was gifted Ghost Bride by my sis this Christmas and finished reading it in three days. I would have finished it in one day if I didn’t have guests nor responsiblities. I would like to thank you for writing this book since it is also based on my own Chinese Malaysian culture. I’m also living in California now and can only reminisce home through the Malaysian and Singapore restaurants in the Bay Area. So keep on writing. I would love to read more of your books to come

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed it – it’s so nice to hear from a fellow Malaysian, and I wish you much happy eating in the Bay area for 2014! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Congratulations on a wonderful book!! This story leaves you wanting more. I love the ending.
      As I was nearing the end, I was hoping she would choose Er Lang. It left me wanting more.
      I would love to know how she lived out her life. I look forward to your next book.

  13. I am so glad that I found your book The Ghost Bride! I immediately was entranced by Li Lan’s and her never ending bravery and courage to uncover the truth. The details of the spirit realm and the Plains of the Dead was just breathtaking (pun? haha). I am also wondering if you’ll continue the tale with Li Lan’s love choice at the end of the book (I will not give that away to any future readers who might read this post haha!). I look forward to whatever next book you come out with ^_^

  14. Hi yangsze im a fan from singapore! i just finished your book, the ghost bride and it was absolutely enthralling! i could not put it down once i started reading it and finished it in one reading! I look forward to more books written by you!

  15. Hi yangsze! Honestly I was hesitant at first because of the title. I am not much of fan to ghost stories and horror novels. It was a gift from a dear friend so I gave it a chance. I’m so glad I did cause when I started reading it, I found myself hooked I even skipped two meals so I can finally finish the whole novel. I so love Li Lan and Er Lang’s love story. I am looking forward to a part 2 of this book with Li Lan and Er Lang together. Much love from Philippines.


    • Hi May,

      Oh dear, skipping meals makes the Chinese “auntie” in me worried! But I am very very flattered that you enjoyed it! Please eat something delicious for me from the Philippines – I love adobo and lechon ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi Yangsze! I just finished your book yesterday (Feb 24, my birthday! haha) and my oh my, it was amazing! I was actually really sad at having finished such a book (like I do with every other great book) so soon that I even felt compelled to read all the way to the acknowledgements. I think you’ve got another fan~^^ You have wonderful descriptions and I loved your choice of words. I was also very intrigued with some of the cultural aspects that you incorporated into this book. I have always been a little grossly interested in the supernatural such as the afterlife concepts and such (who isn’t?^^) and “The Ghost Bride” definitely pulled me in. I look forward to reading more of your creations!


    P.S. I also often read and eat at the same time.
    P.P.S. I find that trying to stuff rice into my mouth isn’t too hard when I’m reading but sometimes I miss.
    P.P.P.S. Reaching for different side dishes with my chopsticks blindly, however, is a whole ‘nother feat.

    • Hi Esther,

      Happy birthday! I’m so delighted that you enjoyed the book, and on your birthday no less! Yes, I agree that reading and eating has its hazards (please don’t choke – more Chinese auntie advice) but must admit that the pleasures far outweigh the inconvenience. For solving the problem of side dishes plus rice, how about either a Japanese style donburi, or bimbimbap, options which allow you to combine all your food in one bowl. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy eating and reading, and thank you so much for stopping by!

  17. I just got this book. And, I couldn’t put it down. It’s so well-written and I am totally enthralled. Scratch that! I think the word “bewitched” is a better word to use to describe my feeling! Well done!

  18. Hello! Thankyou so much for writing an AWESOME book! The Ghost Bride is my favourite book and i couldn’t put it down until I had finished it, then when I finished it,I was sad that it was over. BEST BOOK EVER!!

  19. Hi Yangsze,

    I recently got an audio version of the Ghost Bride and couldn’t help it but to keep listening to it over and over again after already read the book itself no less but 3x! I especially enjoyed your voice adaptation to all the characters and appreciate the accurate pronunciation of the Chinese words. Your English accent makes your story very romantic and fanciful! (By the way, if you don’t mind, what ethnic Chinese are you? I’m Cantonese but speak both Mandarin and Cantonese.)

    Your book brings back such wonderful childhood memories for me while living in Saigon, Vietnam with respect to the cultures, customs, believes & superstitions that you so picturesquely, eloquently and accurately wrote about. I’m so glad that my copy of the Ghost Bride bears your autograph! (We were at 1 of your book signing events in Mountain View, CA last year.) I can’t wait to read your next book and hope you’re busy writing a sequel to the life of Li Lan and Er Lang! Am totally bewitched with Li Lan’s life stories!


    • Hi Ann,

      How wonderful to hear that it brings back childhood memories for you! I’ve always wanted to visit Vietnam because I really really love Vietnamese food – perhaps some day I will make my foodie way over there! Ethnically, my family is Hakka but we speak Cantonese at home (like many Malaysians) and learned Mandarin at school. Thank you so much for your kind comments, and for coming to one of my book signings. I’m delighted that you enjoyed the audio book, which was also a very fun project to record. I’m currently writing my second book (a detective novel without elephants in it), but am definitely open to writing a sequel in future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hi Yangsze, I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a free moment? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hi Yangsze,
    I just finished reading Ghost Bride and I love the book so much.. Are you going to write a sequel to it? I would love to know what happen to Li Lan and Er Lang after she marry him..

    • Hi Sin Hui,

      Thank you so much – I’m delighted that you enjoyed it! I’m currently working on a different book, but am definitely open to writing a sequel one day, as I too would like to know what happens to them afterwards! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Dear Yangsze

    When would you be visiting Malaysia in 2015? We are planning to do The Ghost Bride for one of our book club sessions and nothing like having you present! We usually have the sessions on the last Saturday of each month.
    I’d really appreciate your getting back to me.


    • Hi Roy,

      Unfortunately I’m not sure about my travel plans yet for 2015, but thank you for your kind invitation! If your book club would like to do THE GHOST BRIDE, I’d be happy to answer any burning questions, or possibly do a Twitter Q&A if the timing works. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to msg me at my FB at https://www.facebook.com/yschooauthor or @yangszechoo on Twitter, and happy reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Mrs. Choo,

    I picked your book up on a whim; the anthropology and religion course I took a couple years ago spoke of the ghostly superstitions that are heavily embedded in the culture of Malaysia and the distinct beliefs of the ethic groups within the country. I was immediately enthralled by your novel (and a little in love with Er Lang), I was swept away by the rich environment and colorful imagery. I thoroughly enjoyed your novel, and will probably re-read it often!

    • Hi Nancy,

      How wonderful to hear that you took a course that mentioned the superstitions of Malaysia – that sounds very interesting! I’m delighted that you enjoyed the book (and Er Lang too!) and honored that you would consider it a reread. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Thanks so much for writing The Ghost Bride. I listened to most of the audiobook on a flight today from LA to Taipei – thanks for reading me to sleep…several times over 14 hours. After I landed, I wanted to read all of the other books you have written and found out this was your first. Amazing. I guess I have to be patient. I was born in Wisconsin, but have been living or traveling in Asia for the past thirty years. I am fascinated by how Asian culture varies (or doesn’t) from country to country. I have heard a lot about ancestors and the afterlife (I visited a friend’s home shrine today), but your novel was the deepest I have ever been introduced to these ideas. I am also really impressed by your reading – Asian accents in audiobooks can be cartoonish, but I thought you did a great job of sounding like a wide variety of real people. What do you think of Tash Aw’s ๆญๅคงๆ—ญ writing? How did you choose the Romanization of your name (if I may ask)?

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you so much – I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed listening to the audiobook (which I had a lot of fun recording). I didn’t realize until half-way through the recording that it wasn’t a requirement to make voices for the different characters, but by then it was too late to stop… The hardest voice to do was the cook in the Plains of the Dead because of his rasp; the most annoying voice was Fan. I felt like slapping myself every time I had to read her lines!

      I’ve heard many wonderful things about Tash Aw’s writing, but so far haven’t had the chance to read him yet, as I try to avoid reading books on similar subjects/settings when I’m writing so there’s less chance of confusion. Maybe when I finish my next book, which I’m currently working frantically on! I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed living and traveling in Asia, and wish you many more happy adventures in reading and travel ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hi Yangsze,
    Wow! After four days reading your book wanting never stop, I finish this amazing Li Lan’s life. I believe in afterlife, and the fantasy you had create is brilliant. The most brilliant thing I saw in your book was the fantasy in Li Lan’s afterlife beeing like the real life in non-fiction history, the conexon how exist the possession the scares fellings in our body like some ghost has touch us haha, and other things.
    And please, don’t stop writing, becouse you have one singular kind of write, simple and beautiful that made us fly in our reading time.
    Thank you, I loved this book!
    I’m sorry, I know I have a bad English, I’m from Brazil and the DarkSide bring to us the A Noiva Fantasma’s (The Ghost Bride) publication in a amazing edition. Did they afford one to you?


    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for your kind words – I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Yes, I received a copy of the Brazilian edition, which is really beautiful. I’m so thankful to the talented editors and designers at Darkside Books who made it possible, and I’m happy that Brazilian readers like yourself have found the book. I will try my best to keep writing and complete my new novel, which is another strange tale set in colonial Malaya ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. So happy to have stumbled across your blog here on WordPress! I first “read” the audiobook version of Ghost Bride in Nov 2013 and had to buy a hardback copy so that I would have a tangible copy forever at my fingertips to read again. It immediately became one of my favorite books! Best wishes in writing book #2–I’ll be eagerly watching for its release. ^_^

    • Thank you so much! I’m so tickled to hear that you enjoyed the audiobook, and even got the hardback – what an honour! I am in fact, at this very moment staring at book #2 on my screen and trying to chop bits of it off so it will look like a book and not a gigantic doorstop. Will try my best to finish soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. PS: I hope you’ll do an audio version for your 2nd book too because I love your charaters’ voice adaptation and British accent.

  28. I for one wouldn’t mind reading your story of any length; oh but wait, I’d prefer a long one for I just love your story telling and style of writing. With anticipation, I look forward to reading your detective adventure.

  29. Was looking for Chinese chicken soup recipe and found your book. Have just ordered it and look forward to reading it. As a fellow Malaysian, I also love to eat and read ( and collect books too). Also cooking chicken soup as I write this.

    • Hi June,

      How lovely to hear from a fellow Malaysian! Thanks so much, and I hope the chicken soup came out well and managed to gel. If I have extra soup, I sometimes use it to make rice porridge or jook or put noodles in it. Happy eating and reading! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Yangsze, I finished your book today! It’s really amazing, a soft travel from chinese legends, imaginary places that becomes real in our minds! Congratulations, I hope you can soon write an spin-off or a second volume telling us the future of Li Lan with Er Lang. A lot of blessings and hugs from Brazil!

    • Hi Katharynny Gabriella,

      Thank you, I’m so delighted that you enjoyed it! It’s an honor to hear from readers in Brazil like you – I’ll try my best to keep writing (hopefully something interesting) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. hello Ms. Yangsze, your work is brilliant! Appreciate all the knowledge you pour into your story as well! Mind asking who is the girl on the front cover of your book ‘The Ghost Bride’?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thank you so much, and sorry for the late reply! I’m afraid I don’t know who the girl on the cover is, but the jacket design for the book was done by Mumtaz Mustafa, and the photographic image used was taken by Vanessa Ho, for Trevillion Images. I hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Your name reminds me of a childhood peer named Yangzi Zhou in China. Her mother is an artist who has a lovely studio in their house. They immigrated to Singapore before we graduated from elementary school.

  33. I love your book “Nigh Tiger”. You have a beautiful voice. You reminded me my beautiful cousin who lives in Malaysia.

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