The Night Tiger is a Big Jubilee Read!

Oh my goodness! The Night Tiger is a Big Jubilee Read selection for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, celebrating fiction across the Commonwealth and spearheaded by BBC Arts and The Reading Agency.

70 titles, ten books for each decade of her reign, were selected. One book for each decade will be highlighted on the BBC Two programme Between the Covers. The Night Tiger is one of them, representing the last decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Others include some of the most amazing books by my literary heroes like Chinua Achebe and Margaret Atwood.

I’m so, so incredibly honored and grateful to be in such fantastic company! When I look at the full list of books, as well as the incredible authors, I’m overcome with amazement. (And actually, I can’t quite believe it and keep thinking I must be dreaming and will soon discover I’m standing in front of the fridge and sleep-eating some cheese…)😅❤

For all of you who’ve come on this journey with The Night Tiger, thank you so much! Here is the full list from the BBC!

16 responses to “The Night Tiger is a Big Jubilee Read!”

  1. What a compliment! My book club enjoyed the book immensely. We also felt privileged that you would join us to talk with us about the novel. A delightful time!

  2. One of my all time favorites. You are my idol. Weaving your stories of Malaysian myths into suspense you’ve inspired me to write my first collection of short stories based on my travels and the myths that come to life as consequence of my presence there… hopefully waiting for your third🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Janine Vici Campbell🇻🇪Venezuela

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  3. Congratulations!! You have much to be proud of So happy to follow you Jane

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  4. Congratulations! You are an amazing writer and I’m so happy that you have been selected for this honor. You are an inspiration for those of us aspiring writers!

  5. Found your writing via the Jubilee list, so glad I have.

    Thank you for a great novel, which is enhanced by its audio version.

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