The Ghost Bride


“It is safe to say that this is Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away for adultsit’s that good.” ( review)


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August 2013, William Morrow/HarperCollins (US) and Hot Key Books (UK)
Carnegie Medal nominee’s Book of the Week
Indie Next List pick
Barnes & Noble Fall ‘13 Discover Great New Writers selection
Goodreads Choice Award Finalist for Best Fantasy
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One evening,
my father asked me if I would
like to become a ghost bride…

Li Lan, a young Chinese woman, lives in 1890s colonial Malaya with her quietly ruined father, who returns one evening with a proposition — the fabulously wealthy Lim family want Li Lan to marry their son. The only problem is, he’s dead.

After a fateful visit to the opulent Lim mansion, Li Lan finds herself haunted not only by her ghostly would-be suitor, but also by her desire for the Lim’s handsome new heir, Tian Bai. Night after night, she is drawn into the shadowy parallel world of the Chinese afterlife, with its ghost cities, paper funeral offerings, vengeful spirits and monstrous bureaucracy. Li Lan must uncover the Lim family’s darkest secrets, before she is trapped in this ghostly world forever.

“Choo’s clear and charming style creates an alternate reality where the stakes are just as high as in the real world, combining grounded period storytelling with the supernatural.”
Publishers Weekly

“The Ghost Bride begins as a historical novel but takes an unexpected turn into a fantastical, ghost-and-murder mystery. What makes all this work is the sumptuous world of Chinese émigré culture and the love story that flows under it all—the kind so full of longing, the pages practically sigh as you turn each one.”’s Book of the Week

“…from whodunit to ghost story to coming-of-age to romance, there is enough plot to fill several more novels. But the beguiling tale of Li Lan navigating both the land of the dead and the territory of her own heart makes you hope Choo is the author who writes all of them.” 
USA Today

“‘The Ghost Bride’, an impressive first novel, takes readers on one of the wildest rides since Alice fell down the rabbit hole.” San Jose Mercury News

“This first foray into novel writing was worth the wait—The Ghost Bride is a sublime and mysterious page-turner, full of intrigue and the complications of life on earth and beyond.” Kirkus feature

“Choo’s fascinating debut . . . rich in Chinese folklore, mores and the supernatural…intriguing and enlightening. A haunting debut.” Kirkus Reviews

“Choo’s remarkably strong and arresting first novel…is sure to garner much well-deserved attention.” Booklist

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304 responses to “The Ghost Bride”

  1. Hi Ms. Choo, I just finished your book ‘The Ghost Bride’ and I absolutely loved it! It was such a wonderful and refreshing story and I really hope to see more adventures with Li Lan or another creative story by you in a bookstore sometime soon! Thank you for such a wonderful story!

    • Hi Katharine,

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for your kind words – it’s very encouraging, especially on a writing day like today when I feel like rolling under the table because I’m so stumped by my plot 😉 Btw, if you happened to enjoy The Ghost Bride and have a spare moment, I’d love it if you’d be up for rating it on Goodreads or Amazon! 🙂

  2. dear absolutely mesmerised by your work,simple narrative,style,captivating characters,i look forward more adventures of li lan and er lang.

  3. I haven’t loved a book so much since I read River God when I was fourteen. I literally flew through the book. Started reading at 4pm and couldn’t put it down till It was finished at 1am. Please, please, please tell me you left it open for another story?!

    • Hi Brandy,

      Thank you for your kind words – I’m so honored that you stayed up to read it (although I hope you got enough sleep!) And yes, I’m open to writing a sequel! 😉

  4. Yangsze Choo, you must one of the greatest writers of today!!! I have just finished the Ghost Bride and loved it. It is in my top 10 books I have ever read!!! I am curious as if there is going to be a sequel or if you are going to/are writing another book unrelated to the Ghost Bride. Thanks so much for writing this book and I look forward to reading your future work.
    xoxo H

    • Gosh, that’s very kind of you! >blush< I'm really happy that you enjoyed the book! Yes, I am working on another novel right now, although it's a different book, but I'm certainly open to writing a sequel to "The Ghost Bride" in future 🙂

  5. Yangsze,
    What a wonderful book you have written!! I loved Li Lan & Er Lang and knew Er Lang from “Journey to the West” but this was a great character you created! I lived in Taiwan for 20 years and saw so much of the burning ghost money, and the alters of food with incense sticks stuck in them but you brought that all to life for me!! I loved the one dimensional “paper” figures in the spirit world you created, the attention to all the details of the after life were perfect!!
    I think my mother-in-law would consider your book part of her religious beliefs on the line of Pilgrim’s Progress. I loved how you brought everything to life and the era you wrote in was perfectly appropriate. Like so many of your other readers, I hope and pray for a sequel, I would especially like to see the details of the ideas you mentioned (“such as a corruption trial, the Courts of Hell, etc.”) that would be most intriguing.
    I too loved all the Miyazaki movies and the connection the reader made to your book with “Spirited Away” was most appropriate — different era but so many parallels all the same.
    How did you ever come up with the brilliant idea for this book? You have done such a remarkable job! There is so much potential for the next part of Li Lan’s life with Er Lang… I can hardly wait! I actually was hoping near the end that Li Lan would go through with marrying her betrothed and then join Er Lang in fifty years, I thought there was also great potential with his family. But how exciting that she chose Er Lang and to live the rest of her life in the spirit world!!

    What subject are you writing about now? Can’t wait to read it!!

    Thanks so much!
    James (Seattle WA)

    • Hi James,

      Thank you very much – I’m so delighted that you enjoyed it! And I’m tickled that you’re one of the first people to mention having previously read about Er Lang in “Journey to the West”. When I read that book as a child, I felt sorry for him because he had to chase the Monkey King all over the place. I’ve always thought he must be some sort of ambitious young bureaucrat himself. 😉

      I did actually want to make this book much longer, but it was already pushing the word count for a debut novel. Hopefully in the future I’ll get to write a sequel about what happened in the Courts of Hell. Right now, I’m working on another book, a murder mystery also set in colonial Malaya, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

      Thanks again for your encouragement – I really appreciate it 🙂

  6. Oh Yangsze,
    I forgot to say: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! May the Year of the Horse bring you fortune and good luck!!
    Best Regards,

    • I forgot to mention: do you have a Chinese edition of “The Ghost Bride”? Simplified or traditional ~ doesn’t matter, my wife can read both. I want my wife to read the book but though her English is pretty good, it would take her far too long and a dictionary to get through it. We have a daughter in China, relatives in Taiwan and so forth, so if you do have an edition, giving me the publisher also (and Chinese name of the edition, though if it’s a direct translation that shouldn’t be a problem) would greatly be appreciated.

      Thank you!

      • Hi James,

        I think there should be a Chinese version soon, as Chinese translation rights have been sold for the book, but I’m not sure when it will be published. So far I haven’t heard when it will come out, but I’ll update this blog when I find out. Actually, I tend to post more updates on my Facebook author page, so if you “Like” it, you’ll probably find more updated info.

        And thank you so much again – I really appreciate your enthusiasm and will try my best to keep writing books. Happy Chinese new year to you too! 🙂

  7. Hello! Miss Choo, I really like your book and cetrainly as I am also turning 18 this year’s June, it makes me feel very related with Li Lan as a youth. Though I underestimate your novel when my friend bought it ( I was there as well ) my friend gave me a chance to borrow this book. It’s a delightful book! Read this at the very morning till midnight in one day; it’s that good 😀 It’s such an exciting story, am I’m reading it once again just to make sure I got some setting by my imagination hehe (probably gonna read it about 8 or 9 times)

    I’m ready for another story of yours and a sequel of this story would be nice too. Even a movie of it would be great as well! Hehehe okay.. Gonna buy a copy of it for myself. Lots of love~ 🙂

    • Hi Syazana,

      Thank you! I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed it, especially coming from a soon-to-be 18 year old! And I’m honored that you stayed up late to finish reading it (though I hope you managed to get some sleep). Thank you for buying a copy of my book – it means a lot to me 🙂

      • Yeah, people nowadays calls me a young lady now though it feels like just yesterday I’m just a child haha. I’m just spending my time waiting for SPM results, read lots of books and drawings portraits to fill time. There’s just too much time in my hands these days, how is it even possible?~ Certainly, your writing with so much detail makes me want to draw something from a scene in TGB.

        Perhaps if I have the time I will share to you on Twitter. 🙂

        p/s Just went to Malacca for 3D2N, reminded me of Li Lan hee

  8. I just started reading your book, The ghost Bride and I am already half way through. I love it so far! I don’t think anyone has written anything like it and it was a total surprise to me when I actually found out that this whole Ghost Bride thing was real. I hope you continue to write more amazing books and I can tell you I will be reading every one of them.

  9. HELLO!!!!! . Hi i just finished The ghost bride and I just want to say it was fantastic and amazing, I love that element of culture in there and I’m just wondering do you plan on making it a series. I’m a sucker for series, sorry. (Sorry if someone is reading this and it becomes a spoiler to them oops.)because I was expecting it for her to be with Tian Bai. I never expected her to go with Er Lang, so i guess i would have been finishing the book with a big smile and re read it again. except she ended up with Er lang who i didn’t count on it, I was really surprised when he gave her a choice to be with him. because in my head he was like the best friend….. anyway just to some it up the ending of the book had me baffled and wondering what happened between, them….. (hoping another book) If i ever see new books from you i very much will be reading it in the corner of my classroom.

    • Hi Martha,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and yes, the ending could have gone several different ways! 😉 I’m currently working on a different book, but am open to writing a sequel – it would be fun to find out what happens next to Li Lan. 🙂

      • Hello!
        I haven’t been engrossed on a book like this in awhile! I devoured the pages and read it in half a days time.
        It feels like an unfinished story. What happened to Fran? and the investigation in the the afterlife? Li Lan’s mother too. So many unresolved back stories and Er Langs family? What of Tian Bai’s fate and Li Lan’s life with Er Lang? Maybe she’ll become an agent too! I hope you consider a series! 🙂 Thank you for bringing colour and adventure into my life through this book.

      • Hi Jude,

        I’m delighted that you wanted to read more! Initially I’d planned another section for the book, but the length was getting too long for a debut novel. Thanks for the encouragement for a sequel! 😉

      • I just reread The Ghost Bride. Loved it so much I purchased the audio version too and just got done listening! Your narration was brilliant, by the way.

        Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thanks for the awesome story and add in my own wish for a sequel. 😀

      • Hi Laura,

        I’m so glad you enjoyed the audio book – thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to record. 🙂 I will try my best to keep writing, hopefully something interesting!

      • Hi. I read the book around one or two years ago, and just got it out from the library again, as i had been reminiscing about it lately! I loved the book just as much as before- probably even more! And i was just thinking about a sequel too.. i would absolutely love if you wrote a sequel!! It is an amazing book, and to hear about Li Lan’s life with Er Lang would be amazing… I’d also love to know his reaction when she tells him she wants to marry him… i think that scene would be a perfect start to the next book, hint hint haha. But really i’m sure anything you would write would be amazing, and i just wanted to say again that this book is absolutely perfect, intelligent and completely heart warming, and has been my favourite for a long time- and probably a much longer time to come 🙂 I agree with other comments also, on the fact that Er Lang and Li Lan’s relationship made my heart flutter. I would love to read more, but the book as it is is simply great as well 🙂

      • Hi Amy,
        I’m so tickled that you enjoyed the book and got it out of the library again! I’m currently working on my second novel, set in 1931 colonial Malaya and will hopefully be done with it soon – you may be happy to know that there is another good looking Asian guy in it 😉

      • That would be fantastic!! I can’t wait to read it. I absolutely love the history in your book The Ghost Bride, and the whole setting. I am very interested in the beliefs, and the worlds in this book. I think it is absolutely unlike any other how you have managed to write it! I have been most definitely recommending this book to friends and family, and i love how nothing in ‘The Ghost Bride’ could be predicted, yet it was so interesting you never felt like you had to keep guessing! It was a fantastic read, and i believe i will never get sick of it. I am actually preparing on reading it again tomorrow!! In other words, it is still my favourite, and i absolutely cannot wait until you release the next book!

        Also, i’m sure we will all be happy to know that 😀
        Good luck with continuing to write your latest book, and i’m sure many fans of The Ghost Bride will be delighted!
        In any case, consider me a fan already 😀

  10. Dear Ms. Choo,

    Thank you so very much for The Ghost Bride and for your wonderful writing. The characters are simply delightful… and have this middle-aged wife and mother wishing for more of Li Lan’s story (accompanied by Er Lang, of course).

    All the best to you on your current project(s)! 🙂


    • Dear Kristen,

      Gosh, that’s very kind of you! I’m so happy you enjoyed the book (and Er Lang was one of my favourite characters to write)! Thank you 🙂

  11. I loved it! It was captivating. I finished reading it in a day. I love the ending and wish there was a sequel. 🙂 Li Lan and Er Lang made my heart flutter. Beautiful story!!

  12. Thank you for the wonderful story of Li Lan, I deeply enjoyed the book and was left wanting for more. I cannot imagine what other ideas you may have for books but I would more than love to read them, as I became enamored with the characters, specially Er Lang. I wish and wait anxiously for the sequel. The night of sleep I traded for the emotion and excitement of finishing your book was well worth it. It was so refreshing and captivating to read about the culture you in which the story was set, I cannot recall reading such a good book for the longest time, coupled with the fact the Chinese traditions weaved within the story added enormously to the charm, I cannot express the intrigue and curiosity to know more about this world Li Lan will live between worlds and the adventuress that await her and her new found lover. Thank you again for the wonderful reading 🙂

    • Hi Zahida,

      I’m so honored that you stayed up to read this book (though I hope you managed to catch up on your sleep later)! Thank you for your kind words – I’m delighted that the book was interesting to you, and will try my best to keep on writing. 😉

  13. I am really hoping you decide to turn this into a series. I loved this book so much and I’m eager to find out what happens to Li Lan and Er Lang!

  14. Hi Yang Sze, I just finish the Ghost Bride yesterday at 2am. Really couldn’t put the book down though I have to wake up at 6am the next day. Was searching for any sequel to this story and was really hoping to get my hand on the sequel to Li Lan & Er Lang. Hope that you will continue on the sequel to this fantastic book bcoz i really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing this story. =)

  15. This was a amazing book that I just couldn’t put down! You are an amazing author, and I love the characters you created in this book, especially Li Lan and Er Lang. Your book was descriptive and clear, and the plot was never lost on me. I hope, one day, and am able to write as interesting a story. I only wish I got to see what became of Li Lan and Er Lang. Maybe a sequel, perhaps?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you – that’s very kind of you and I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book! I’m definitely open to writing a sequel one day 😉

  16. Beautifully rich novel, I loved every minute of it. I’ve been recommending it ever since and we chose it for my book club too. Cannot wait for it to be translated into Italian (soon I hope?) to buy it for my mum and friends there.

    • Hi Alessandra,

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! No Italian translation yet, but maybe some day… in the meantime, I hope your book club enjoys it! I’m always happy to talk to book clubs and if yours has any burning questions about the book, please feel free to tweet me @yangszechoo 🙂

  17. Dear Yangsze,

    As a fellow Malaysian (from Malacca), i particularly loved your book as I could relate to all the places you mentioned in the book. I would love to know what happens to Li Lan when Er Lang comes for her. Please do consider writing a sequel. Thank you!

    • Hi Lyn,

      Thank you so much – I’m so happy to hear from a fellow Malaysian, particularly someone from Melaka! As it happens, I will be doing a free book event on June 28th 2014, at Kinokuniya KLCC in Kuala Lumpur from noon to 1pm. I’ll be talking about the book, how I started writing it etc. answering audience questions and signing copies. Please come join me (and you’re welcome to invite friends!) if you happen to be free. More details on the Events page of this blog. 🙂

      • I hope you will come to Seattle, wa one day! There is also a Kinokuniya book store here! Would LOVE to hear you speak about your book!

  18. This books has become one of my favorite reads. Please turn this into a series or at least one sequel. It’s just too amazing a read to just end here.

  19. Hey, I’m from Australia and truly loved the book! It has inspired me to read many other books, just so I could find ones like it- so far no luck. Please make a movie or sequel, this book has great potential and many fans, we’ll support you all the way!!! 🙂

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Gosh, that’s very kind of you! I’m working on a graphic novel adaptation with Singaporean comic book artist Sonny Liew, and will update this blog when he has some illustrations to share 🙂 In the meantime, will try my best to keep writing!

  20. I picked up your copy of ghost bride today and I just could not put down the book until I read it from cover to cover!!

    Love the way you intertwine the different threads together (must secretly admit that I love Chinese superstitions and stories about the afterlife)!

    Li Lan and Er Lang are such a spunky couple (and bit unexpected but that’s a good twist) and I really can’t wait to read more about their adventures!

    Please keep them coming and I will most definitely be on the lookout for your next book(s)!!

    • Hi Gill,

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, as well as Li Lan/Er Lang (which was a fun surprise for me as well when I was writing)! I want to know what happens to them next too. 😉

    • Hi Shannon,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, including the notes at the end – thank you so much! I had fun a lot of fun writing up the notes, although I wondered whether anyone would read them! 😉

  21. Dearest Ms Choo,

    I am a high school student from Australia who has a large appetite for fantasy novels. Being in my last, crucial year of high school, I have resigned from reading to allow for more study time.

    My younger sister is not an avid reader, in fact, she loathes reading unless the genre is non-fiction. Nonetheless, she mysteriously started reading a hefty, thick book, which happened to be ‘The Ghost Bride’. Shocked, I asked her last night which chapter she had read up to and her reply was “I finished it”.

    She has never finished a book prior to reading your novel. I was so surprised so I read the blurb and it instantly piqued my interest. I am a fan of mythology and folklore, combined with the fact that I am also a ‘flowering’ young maiden myself, this exotic pot of Chinese folklore, Romance, History and Family is exactly my cup of tea.

    I started the novel at 11:45pm and despite knowing I have school the next day, stayed up till 3am just to feed my undying lust for a perfect ending. Yes, indeed. I got my perfect ending.

    Not only am I smitten by the mysterious Er Long, but have fallen for the thick aura of Chinese folklore that encapsulates your novel. I must give you my deepest thanks for writing this novel, for had I not read it, I would not understand the very customs that my family has adopted. I never knew where the ‘Hell’s money’ I burnt went to, how the spirits of my ancestors are living their life in the netherworld and the intricacies of polygamy.

    Thank you for teaching my sister and I to understand our culture and customs whilst teaching her the plethora of possibilities that can entail when the imagination is allowed to foster.

    Thank you and I hope to read more of your future work.

    Kind Regards,
    Patricia Lee, 17 Australia

    • Hi Patricia,

      I am so tickled to hear about you and your sister reading the book! It’s very kind of you and I’m delighted that it was an enjoyable read for both of you, especially since she finished the book! I remember staying up all night to read books when I was younger (and in fact, still occasionally do). I wish you all the best as a fellow bibliophile, and will try my best to keep writing! 🙂

  22. The character Er Lang reminds me of a couple of the characters in Miyazaki’s animated movies, especially Spirited Away. I really enjoyed it.

  23. Hello!
    I fell in love with this book the first time I read it, yeah, the first time. I have read it close to a dozen times since. This book has quickly become a favourite, if I’ve had a bad day I tend to pick it up because it pulls me in so completely. In short, I loved it this book really brought Chinese mythology to life and I really can’t wait for more. Your writting is incredibly engaging!

    • Hi Steph,

      Thank you so much – how wonderful to hear that you’ve enjoyed rereading it! I do the same for many books which I love, and am so honored that THE GHOST BRIDE become one of your favourites! 🙂

      • Hi,
        I read your book when it first came out and loved it. I’m from Malaysia and a Master student , who is also doing a research on your book as a Female Gothic book. Do you consider your book Gothic? And I hope there is a sequel to The Ghost Bride.

      • Hi Michelle,

        How nice to hear from a fellow Malaysian – I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! And yes, you could probably make the case that it is a Gothic novel, or at least partly so. There was a time when I read a lot of Victorian Gothic novels (e.g. Le Fanu’s Carmilla) and there are similar hints in terms of the historical setting and the supernatural events that transpire, although culturally it is quite different since it has an Asian setting. When I was writing it, however, I was actually thinking more of traditional Chinese literary stories, like Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, which are strange tales of ghosts and the afterlife and the Japanese stories like Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan. Hope that helps and good luck on your Master’s! 🙂

  24. Totally in Love with the book!! Can’t Help that Every page makes me wanting to read more. I Hope you will come back with a sequel, excited about er Lang’s reaction and their endeavour! Great job!!

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thank you for your kind words – I’m delighted that you enjoyed it! Right now I’m currently working (frantically!) on a different novel, but am definitely open to writing a sequel in future 😉

  25. Hi!! I had presented about ghost festival in chinese culture to my lecturer years ago. This year I went to MPH, your book caught me! I finished read your writing yesterday and.. the mot juste of your writting is tremendously fantastic and fascinated! I Your storyline was very good! I was besotted with industrious Tian Bai at first. I even looking him on internet! Hoping there is modern and real Tian Bai. Haha. At last Er Lang captivated me. Pleasee do a sequel! I wish Er lang came back that night. However Im wait for your other writting!

    Loves from Malaysia.

    • Hi Ain,

      How wonderful to hear that you did a presentation on the ghost festival years ago! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book as well, and very happy that you found it at MPH. Thanks so much for the encouragement – I will try my best to keep writing! 🙂

  26. Dear Ms. Choo, I enjoyed Ghost Bride very much. It’s always a pleasure to read a book based on our Kampung. Perhaps one day we’ll bump into each other on the street in SF and share a meal in a Malaysian restaurant? I will definitely recommend this book to my fellow Malaysian in SF. Congratulations and keep writing!

    • Thank you so much! It’s always wonderful to hear from fellow Malaysians, particularly abroad where there is a shortage of good nasi lemak and roti canai (as it happens, I just made nasi lemak last night together with a Singaporean friend – we even made things like ondeh-ondeh and pandan chiffon cake as we really wanted to eat those tastes of home)! 😉

  27. Hello Mrs. Choo! Like everyone else who posted a comment, I was absolutely in love with this book! I finished it about a month ago, but before that, I found your book on a shelf at the Half Price Book Store, and I knew I had to read it! Your book was captivating and very different from books I’ve read before, which made it very enjoyable. The whole book had a sense of eeriness but the love and determination Li Lan had made it less scary? *SPOILER* Although I was surprised she chose Er Lang, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed. I knew I liked Er Lang’s character as soon as he was the “mysterious” man at the temple. I would really love to know more about Er Lang, I think he is the most interesting character for me. It would be amazing if you did a side novel about Er Lang! Or what happens to Er Lang and Li lan 😀 Anyway, after I found your book I’ve been promoting it to my sisters and some cousins. Both my sisters read it and loved it as well. On another note, after me and my sisters finished the book, we discussed how we felt about the ending and it’s funny how different each of us thought and wanted. My sister wanted Li lan to be with Tian Bai because she felt the goal Li Lan had was to make it back into her body and be with the one she dreamed of. As for me, I wanted her to end up with Er Lang, but I thought she was going to choose to live out her life with Tian Bai, until the “end” of her days and Er Lang will come back for her and finally take her with him. That was my thought. But anyway, thank you for writing such a great book.

    -Chisi Amanda Xiong

    • Hi Chisi,

      I’m so delighted that you and your sisters enjoyed the book, and had a fun discussion! Yes, the ending could have gone a number of ways – in fact I wrote several different options in which a number of things happened/didn’t happen. I’m also tickled that you enjoyed Er Lang’s character as he was a surprise to me as well, initially only existing as a minor character who just kept on appearing and taking up more and more book time! Thanks so much 🙂

  28. Hello Ms.Choo. I just finished your book yesterday and I was like “Wow! Fantastic!” I love it so much. I love the story and I really enjoy your writing style which makes me imagining the story like it really happen. I love reading novel but usually it’s hard for me to choose and buy novel which suits me. But when I found your novel and read the synopsis, I feel like “This is it.” Thank you for such an interesting and beautiful story. Is it possible for a sequel? I want more Li Lan and Er Lang. 😉

    • Hi Puspa,

      Thank you for your kind words – I’m so happy that it was a fun read for you! I’m currently working on another book, this time set around Ipoh in the 1920s, but am definitely open to a sequel in future! 🙂

  29. I also hope you can come to Seattle’s Kinokuniya book store (in Chinatown); I would love to meet you and hear you talk about your book!!

  30. Mrs. Yangszhe Choo,

    I just finished your book, The Ghost Bride about 5 minutes ago. I really enjoyed the story a lot. Towards the third part of the book, I could not put the book down and found myself staying up late at night to continue reading. I love the storyline of Li Lan and Er Lang the ending made me wanting to read more. Please consider writing a sequel to Li Lan and Er Lang’s story. Their pairing is comedic, cute and very interesting to me. Thank you.

    • Hi Aimee,

      I’m so tickled that you enjoyed the book enough to stay up late at night – though I hope you got enough sleep! Thank you – I too have a habit of staying up to read books that I like and I’m so honored to hear that THE GHOST BRIDE was one for you! 🙂

  31. Mrs. Yangsze Choo,

    I love your book! I was really into it and I downloaded your audiobook too! I’m really impressed by the narration and it really helped me catch up to the parts I unconsciously missed when I read the book.
    I’m also really curious as to how Li Lan had lived through such a setting so I was wondering… what are your thoughts on the gender roles, relationship and household expectations for girls/women at that time? I didn’t seem like women then were very open with their opinions and it seems that they only learned needlework, cooking, manners etc. I might be wrong but I want to know your opinion!
    I’m eagerly waiting for your next book and Thank You for THE GHOST BRIDE because it’s an amazing read.

    • Hi Ethel,

      Thanks so much – I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed the audiobook! I had a lot of fun doing the narration (and also, um, ate too much in the name of “art”). I think women of that time did have fairly restricted lives, depending of course on their economic status. Poorer women, who had to work as amahs, samsui women (construction workers) etc. had more freedom to go out, but they had very hard lives. From traveler’s accounts of that time, the richer the household the more secluded the women were, although anecdotally, I also have the impression that within the household there was lots of scheming and politicking, particularly since it was common for wealthy men to have several wives or concubines. Cooking was a big deal for Straits-born Chinese women, and a mark of their prowess as wives. If you ever have the chance the visit the Peranakan Museum in Singapore, you’ll get to see a replica kitchen and some of the elaborate dinner services that richer families had. Hope that helps! 😉

  32. Hi miss choo I have been trying to get a copy of the e book version of the ghost bride I downloaded one from playstore alas it was in malay I think as I am English I will not be able to read it please help me find a copy of your book as I have read the first chapter and absolutely tantalised I need need this book I have to know what happens to li lan and also amiah she seems like a foreboding yet loveable character I live in a small village in a the county of Essex and they have not got stock please help me find a copy thanks for your wonderful work all my best wishes anna

  33. Hi, miss Choo.I have already read the ghost bride. I love it. It was a beautiful story and I can’t stop to read until the end of story. This is the first time, I read a book and can’t wait to read the next sequel about this story. Please, make a sequel about li lan and er lang soon, I want to know what adventure will be happened to them, I can’t wait to read it.

  34. Hello Mrs. Choo! I just finished The Ghost Bride (a nice way to break up my final projects for school!) literally a minute ago and the first thing I did was search for you on Google to see if this is to be a series (which I would LOVE to see!). I have not read much in Asian literature or folklore and your novel has certainly sparked a great interest! The character development is truly remarkable and the slow developing love story that comes out of nowhere. WOW! I told my husband that this ‘fairy tale’ (or ghost tale really) is much better than some of the ones I grew up with (and the fact that I love dragons may be some of the reason I love Er Lang’s character). Anyway, you write beautifully and really take the reader on an exciting journey!

    As a future librarian (I am finishing my degree this winter!) I will recommend The Ghost Bride to everyone! I look forward to reading more of your books and hope that you will consider a sequel!

    Very Sincerely and with Best Wishes,


    • Hi Nedja,

      I love libraries and librarians and am so tickled to hear that you enjoyed it – thank you! I’m currently working on a different book, also set in colonial Malaya but this time in the 1920s (research includes poring through colonial era cookbooks and making desserts for “inspiration”), but am definitely open to writing a sequel to this one in the future. I sometimes give book talks at libraries if the timing/location works out and if you ever want to host an author in your future career as a librarian, do let me know! 🙂

  35. Hello. I just finished reading the Ghost Bride and loved it! It is an excellent story and I wish it didn’t end so quickly. I am so glad Li Lan made the choice she did at the end. Hopefully you can make a sequel soon. There is so much more to the story, in my mind. LOL. Thanks for the great book and I will be looking for more from you in the future.

    • Hi Avis,

      Thank you so much – I’m so happy that you enjoyed it as well as the ending (which could have gone a number of different ways!). I currently have my nose to the grindstone working on my second novel, and will do my best to keep writing 🙂

  36. Hello, Mrs. Choo. I just finished The Ghost Bride in Indonesian, yes, I am your new fan from Indonesia 🙂 . The story is very interesting and still has many parts to develop, so pleaseeee consider to write the sequel. Thanks for writing such wonderful, can’t wait for your another book (hopefully the sequel of The Ghost Bride 😀 )

    Yuli Tan

    • Hi Yuli,

      I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed the book in Indonesian (I love the Indonesian book cover!) and am so glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  37. I just reading the novel and I just want to say I LOVED it! I really enjoyed the character of Li Lan and I adored the ending. I’m hoping for a sequel! Thank you for writing such a brilliant novel!

    • Hi Melika,

      Thanks so much! I’m delighted that you enjoyed it, especially since the ending could have gone a number of different ways. 😉 I will try my best to keep writing!

  38. Dear Mrs.Yangsze Choo,

    I am Hanny from Indonesia, I found this book in one of the Borders bookstore in KL, and intrigued by the title and the synopsis. Turns out the book is very amusing and I love the narration. Like the Chinese folklore, superstition, romance and colonial era background, I am also very interested with the Chinese culture during that time. Just finished the book 30 minutes ago.
    I am looking forward to the additional stories of Li Alan and Er Lang if it is possible. The excitement of their romances still fresh on my mind right now.
    Please tell me that is possible and happening soon..?;)

    • Hi Hanny,

      How wonderful to hear from a reader in Indonesia! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it, as well as the historical background – thank you for the encouragement! I’m currently working on a different novel, set in colonial Malaya during the 1930s, but am definitely open to writing a sequel to Li Lan and Er Lang’s story in the future. 🙂

  39. Hi! I’m Zahra I’m 14 years old I just bought this book yesterday (with the book already translated to indonesian language)i really like the story, THIS IS THE BEST NOVEL EVER !!, I really like the story…, god my tears are falling when li lan left her mother. I really love the ending !!, when she cries and thought that Er Lang is dead and the fact that she still loves Tian Bai it really annoys me because Er Lang is the one that always came to her when she needed, and he Is really charming !!!. And when I read the ending I was like OMG!! YES YES !!! She don’t need to wait 50 years to be with Er Lang !!! Overall I really love this book!! You did an amazing job !!!! (Sorry if I write too many words )

    • Hi Zahra,

      Thank you so much – your comment brought a smile to my face, because it sounds like you really enjoyed the plot twists in the book. I’m so delighted to hear from a young reader like you, especially since the ending could have gone a number of different ways! I wish you many more years of happy reading. 🙂

  40. Dear Ms. Choose
    I absolutely love your book and hope you will write a sequel to The Ghost Bride. You have become one of my favorite authors. I couldn’t bring this book down.

  41. Hi Yangsze, I chanced upon your book at a bookstore and bought it. I finished it in two sittings in two days! It was fantastic and being Peranakan myself, I could imagine the streets and scents of Melaka! I’m re-reading it for the third time now! I wish you could write a sequel…

    • Hi Shan,

      How wonderful to hear from someone from Singapore! I’m so tickled that you enjoyed the book – in fact, I was just thinking about Singapore the other day and thinking about how much I miss Hainanese chicken rice. Also, fish head curry…mmm.. 😉

  42. Just wanted to say I love this book! It was so interesting and unique, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the unexpected ending and the mystery that unfolds within. Can’t wait for your new book to come out, best wishes! 😉

    • Hi Megan,

      Thank you so much – I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, as well as the mystery! I’ve always wanted to write a murder mystery and am working more of those twists into my current novel! 😉

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