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  1. Dear Yangsze
    The Ghost Bride is such a lovely, engaging read! Kudos to you for such a beautiful story! Was just wondering if you’d be in Malaysia this month? We are discussing your novel for our book club …it would be great if we could get to see you too. 🙂

    • Hi Roy,

      Thank you so much – I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! I’m afraid I’m currently in California and won’t be back in KL till next year, but if your book club is having a discussion, I’d be delighted to answer any book questions they might have! Feel free to msg me on FB or you can Tweet me @yangszechoo. 🙂

  2. Dear Yangsze
    It was so nice of you to respond right away. I do not have a facebook or twitter account so will have to be in touch with you this way. Will get the book club members to ask you questions on facebook.
    When you do come down to KL and have time to spare, I would love for you to speak at the book club.

    Thank you once again.
    Warmest regards

  3. Dear Yangsze, I’ve just read your wonderful book and wanted to express my warmest appreciation and admiration. A truly gripping read and such a richly-textured world, intoxicating! I’m an established Australian writer fiction of children’s and YA but also a newly-minted PHD student(in creative writing–novel plus exegesis) and The Ghost Bride is one of the books I’ve chosen to focus on for the exegesis part of the PHD. Hoping to read more of your work sometime! In the meantime, would you be interested in my interviewing you for my writing blog, Very best wishes, Sophie Masson

    • Hi Sophie,

      Thank you so much! I’d be delighted to chat with you on your writing blog and have sent you an email. Let me know if for some reason you don’t receive it! 🙂

  4. Hi Sophie
    So glad you will work on the Ghost Bride. I simply love the book. By the way, have asked one of my students to include The Ghost Bride in her thesis too. 🙂 Any chance you may come to Kuala Lumpur in the near (or far) future?

  5. Dear Yangsze,

    I read your wonderful write up about the Paper Offerings (1) in Singapore and I would like to visit the shop if you could kindly provide me the address or the where about of this shop..

    Thankyou and my warmest appreciation and admiration for your BLOG.


    • Hi Tay,

      Thank you for your kind words! If I remember correctly, the shop that I visited that sold the paper offerings was in Toa Payoh, underneath the hawker centre and wet market. I think it was all the way on the bottom floor. It was also right before the festival of Hungry Ghosts, which is why there were so many paper offerings available. I’m not sure that they would carry such a variety at other times of the year, but I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  6. Dear Yangsze,

    I read your novel “The Ghost Bride” recently and it was fantastic! I really hope you will consider writing a sequel/epilogue for Li Lan and Er Lang. I simply cannot get enough of this couple and would love to read about their other adventures together.

    I love your writing style and tried searching for your books, but realized this is your first and only novel at the moment. I hope that you will not stop writing and look forward to your other upcoming novels in future.

    Thank you, Yangsze and wishing you a great year ahead in 2016! ^_^ *Hugs*

    • Hi Joanna,

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I will try my best to keep writing and am trying to finish up my very, very long second novel, set in 1930s colonial Malaya with plenty of ghosts and murders. Lots of “research” on food served at colonial dinner parties… 😉 I wish you a very happy new year and best wishes for 2016 as well!

  7. Hello! I recently read Ghost Bride and was fascinated by it. And it helped me to want to read more diverse literature and to start my own blog! Also…I’ve recently begun having dreams of my deceased grandfather, including one where he asks me to burn funeral monies for him! Thanks to your book, I’ve decided to learn more about ancient Chinese customs and how they are implemented in modern Chinese and Chinese-American society. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it and found it encouraging! Your blog on reading diverse literature sounds fascinating – I wish you all the best on your journey and many more happy reading discoveries in the future! 🙂

  8. I was delighted to discover your book, because I’m working on a story set in Singapore in 1896 and haven’t been able to find much current literature in a similar setting. And the way you brought Malacca to life was phenomenal! Were there any particular resources that were helpful in researching that time period?

    • Hi Brittany,

      When I was doing my research (starting about 15 years ago – yes, it’s been a long time!) I used Harvard’s Yen Ching and Widener libraries, and visited the archives at the Singapore National Library. However, the wonderful thing is that you can now access the Singapore National Library online Much easier than making a trip to the national archives and digging around the microfiche! Hope that helps and good luck 🙂

  9. I read The Ghost Bride last night and once I started, I cannot put it down. I finished reading it and was feeling disappointed for finishing it in one go. Brilliant story and will be looking out for your other books. Thank you.

    • Hi Jeraldene,

      Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I am actually in Ipoh and Taiping today to finish up a few points of research for my new book, which is set in 1930 Perak, so hopefully will have something soon! 😄

  10. I couldn’t put down the Ghost Bride. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Enjoyed the history lessons and the fantasy. I don’t know how much longer I could have lived in it, but it was over too soon! It was the greatest read! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Leiza,

      Thank you – how lovely to hear that you enjoyed it! I’m currently editing my new novel and trying to squeeze it down to a manageable size by removing some of the history and food (too many banquets…), so I was absolutely tickled by your comment! 🙂

  11. Good afternoon Choo,
    This is April, producer from Astro VBuzz here. I would like to invite you to come on the set for a personality interview this coming 13th Jan 2017 to talk about you and your passion in writing. I can be contacted at 012-6132120 or .
    Hope to hear from you soon and kindly please provide me your contact number or email add so that I can give you a call and send you an official email invitation to the show.
    Thanks and have a good day ahead!

    • Hi April,

      Thank you for your kind invitation. Unfortunately I’m in the US right now, so won’t be able to join you on your show. I appreciate the invitation though, and wish you all the best for a happy new year!

  12. Hello, Miss Choo. Happy New Year! I’m Filipino-Chinese and loved reading your story because of its theme, characters, settings– all of it. I loved the magic, the superstitions, the Chinese-Malay– it resonated, so thank you. I actually gifted my father-in-law a copy of your book for Christmas, then treated myself to a kindle copy this new year. The book was impossible to stop reading. Li Alan was a great protagonist. Bravo.

    • Hi Therese,

      How lovely to hear from a fellow S.E. Asian! I’m sure there are many similarities between Filipino-Chinese and Malaysian-Chinese culture, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book. Hopefully, I’ll have some news to share about my new book soon. Best wishes for a happy new year 🙂

  13. Dear Choo,

    The UCSI Gazette – UCSI University’s official magazine – editorial team would be very honoured to feature you in the ‘Write Right’ section, where we feature insights from some of Malaysia’s most experienced authors and journalists.

    The mentioned section has featured notable literary names and is written in a ‘Question and Answer’ format. Besides allowing the readers to gain insights into the authors’ opinions and perspectives, the section aims to provide readers with a better understanding of the literary and publishing world. Our past interviewees include Tan Twan Eng, the first Malaysian recipient of the Man Asian Literary Prize among many things; Lydia Teh, author of Honk! If You Are Malaysian; Chelsea LY Ng, The Star news editor with over 22 years of working experience; among many others.

    The interview will be done through email. A total of 10 questions will be prepared and sent to you upon your reply.

    The UCSI Gazette has an estimated print run of 5,000 copies per issue that is distributed to UCSI students and staff, government agencies, embassies, secondary schools and over 4,000 organisations that are UCSI’s Co-Op partners. Your participation will surely inspire our readers and play a part in shaping the next generation.

    Attached is the link to the softcopy of The UCSI Gazette (Volume 9) for your perusal.

    Really hope to hear back from you!

    Thank you.

  14. Hello, how are you?

    My name is Thais Rodrigues, I am the blogger of “Dicas da Kira”, a blog that talks about various subjects, giving tips and recommendations for my dear readers, of different ages and tastes, but I have literature as a special point of the blog.

    My blog:

    I am very interested in your book, I met The Ghost Bride when I signed up for the partnership with the publisher that launched it in Brazil, the Dark Side, in case I still do not know the result, but when I registered, I mentioned that being selected, I would be interested in doing a book review on my blog to advertise it

    I decided to get in touch because I would like to know if you are interested in a short interview for my blog; So I send you the questions and make a post talking about you and your work, so my readers can get to know you better and know more about The Ghost Bride.

    I wish you success and thank you for your attention.

  15. I have read The Ghost Bride twice and I love it. Any chance you are going to write another book. I am Asian and I love to learn more of the Asian cultures and your book is really a lot of fantasy, dreams, and history plus love altogether makes it super interesting to me. I loved it. Thanks for this wonderful book.

    • Hi Lor Xiong,

      I’m delighted you enjoyed reading it – thanks so much! I’m currently working on edits for my second book (a very loooong book that has needed to be cut down quite a bit!) for my publisher. Although it isn’t a direct sequel, it’s also set in colonial Malaya, in a world of dreams, ghosts, dead people and murder… I hope it’s something you’ll also enjoy 🙂

      • Hi Karen, I’m not sure, but usually it takes about a year to prepare for publication after the edits are submitted. Depends also on publisher’s schedule 🙂 I will update my blog when I get a firm date!

  16. Hello,
    I wrote you a letter, but was unable to find an address in which to send it. I suppose everything is online now. Here’s my letter.
    December 29, 2017
    Dear Yangsze Choo,
    I recently read your book, “The Ghost Bride”. It was such a delightful book, and I learned so much about Chinese/Malaya culture and brief system. Last summer, I retired from teaching, and have start to try my hand at writing. I am working on my second children’s book. I have wanted to write an author for a while now. I enjoyed reading your book so much; I decided to write you a letter, and ask some questions about your life as a writer.
    So here goes, Li Lan is such a wonderful character in your book. Is she a reflection of your personality? Is she like you? Your writing is so expressive and your characters really come alive in your book. How do you get your characters to seem so believable, yet so distinctive? Also, has “The Ghost Bride” story been made into a movie? If not, I think it would be a great story to be told in movie form. I learned so much about the Chinese view of the afterlife and spirits. It was quite interesting and informative to read. I appreciated how you put the informational notes at the end of the book. That was helpful to me, in order to better understand the concepts presented in the book. In my books, I want to put additional information or activities too. I think it is a very nice touch for an author to do.
    In closing, I really admire you as an author. I look forward to your reply, and look forward to reading more of your wonderful books. By the way, which book is your favorite one?

    Darlene M.

    • Hi Darlene,

      Lovely to hear from you, and that you are writing! Let me see if I can answer a few of your questions:
      1. The best characters for me have simply appeared, writing themselves in to the story. They have a distinct voice that tugs incessantly, so that I feel I’m describing someone I’ve met or know. The Ghost Bride started with Li Lan’s voice. I imagined an oil lamp burning, and then a girl saying “Last night, my father asked if I would like to become a ghost bride.”…and then the book started running from there. I’m glad you liked Li Lan! I don’t think I would have made all the same decisions that she did, but I feel that I understand *why* she made them. Perhaps that’s the most important thing, when a character feels real to you. Most writers, I think, have a tremendous amount of backstory on a character, much of which never makes it into the book, but is there (e.g. their obsession with cheese, the time they were left behind in a corn cellar etc.) to color the decisions that the character makes.
      2. No, the Ghost Bride hasn’t yet been made into a movie, but I do have an exciting announcement to make soon which I’m waiting for the go-ahead to publicize. I will update this blog/FB when it’s good to go!
      3. I’m glad you enjoyed the Chinese afterlife and the notes about it. I struggled with adding an appendix, but figured it was easier to put it at the end, rather than sprinkle in footnotes (though footnotes can be charming. One of the books I love is Susanna Clarke’s “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” which is stuffed with them!)
      4. Which brings me to your last question, about favourite books. Besides Jonathan Strange, I’m also very fond of Haruki Murakami’s novels, like “Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”. There are so many good books in the world – I feel fortunate that we live in an age where we have so many reading choices.
      Thank you for your kind comments about my book. My second novel is now with my publisher. It has taken an terribly long time, but hopefully will be done… soon!!

      Hope this helps, and I wish you the very best with your writing!


  17. Question about The Night Tiger. I thoroughly enjoyed it but kept thinking about your use of the word ‘orderlies’. In the US they are not medical students but similar to certified nursing assistants.
    So, was it intentional to use that word, is that what med students in China are called? Just wondering.

    • Hi Debbie, I might have replied to you on FB, but just in case, “orderlies” in the UK usually referred to hospital attendants (as you noticed). Shin is actually a student who’s working part-time over the summer as an orderly to make some money. Hope that helps! 😊

  18. Night Tiger was a fantastic read. Having lived my first 13 years in Malaysia before emigrating here, I was seeing Ipoh and Taiping through your words. The man-eater aspect brought back childhood memories when we were warned to stay indoor after dusk. The “other side of the river” and the dead not completing their journey, these are stories ingrained in our young minds. Such a great mix of characters and their own stories. Loved it much and thank you for bringing Malaysia to the readers.

    Will you have a sequel to elaborate on Ren’s journey?

    • Hi Candace,
      How lovely to hear that you enjoyed the book! I’m so glad it brought back memories of Ipoh, Taiping, and your childhood. Right now I’m working on a different book, but am certainly open to writing a sequel about Ren one day! 😊

  19. so I was in the library and I normally love horror and Stephen king, but I saw ‘Ghost Bride’ and picked it up just to see you know read the first page and test taste. I thought it was intriguing and put it back thinking I should finish my other book first you know and come back after. Literally for a week straight your book called to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, the way everything was described, like the picture you painted as so intense right at the beginning. I even had dreams about it before I could really read the whole thing! So I marched right back in and checked your book out immediately. SO impressed. Every page dripped with apprehension and excitement. It was such a tantalizing experience!!!! Plus I absolutely loved how you could fall right into the culture. I was really interesting learning about customs and things you portrayed as well. I just finished reading it, I’m walking around my house still saying, ‘Aiya!’ or ‘cheh!’ haha. Thank you so much for writing this. I fell in love with it and am recommending it to everyone.

    • Hi Lexey,
      Gosh, thank you for your kind words! I’m so honoured and delighted to hear that you went back to get The Ghost Bride! And “Aiya!” and “Cheh!” are great additions to everyday vocabulary – so glad you’re enjoying them!😉😁

  20. Wow. You have done it again! After loving Ghost Bride I was waiting for your next book with eagerness and trepidation. Would I love it as much as Ghost Bride? The answer is yes, I read The Night Tiger in two days; I couldn’t put it down. It’s beautiful, moving, interesting. Thank you for a magical read. Alessandra

    • Hi Alessandra,
      It’s readers like you that keep me writing! Thank you so much for your encouragement – it means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it. I will try my best to write the next book!😍

  21. Hi Ms Choo, I’m a huge fan of both The Ghost Bride and The Night Tiger and I was really excited to know you have roots in Malaysia! I’m currently an undergraduate in the National University of Singapore and I’m doing a module about popular culture in Singapore. I have an assignment to interview someone about a form of popular culture they enjoyed in their childhood or youth in Singapore. If it isn’t too much trouble, would you like to tell me about a form of pop culture you enjoyed during your time in Malaysia? If you would like to, you can send me an email here: I would love to hear about your experience!

    Thank you and please keep writing such amazing books! I couldn’t stop reading and re-reading The Night Tiger and kept thinking about it days after I finished it. It was a mesmerizing read and it was so nice to hear familiar names of food and places! I’m really looking forward to The Ghost Bride on Netflix! 🙂

    • Hi Clare,

      What a fun question! When I was a little girl, there weren’t many TV channels in Malaysia. We had RTM 1 & 2, and I remember the great excitement when TV3 was launched. My favourite programme that I used to wait for every week was Ultraman. It was the Japanese live-action TV series, probably from the late 1960s or 70s. Now that I think about it, the plot in each episode was almost exactly the same: some disaster would threaten Tokyo, usually in the form of a rubber-suited monster that emerged from the ocean, and Ultraman would fight it. Halfway through the red light bulb on Ultraman’s chest would start beeping, and viewers were reminded that if it should stop, “Ultraman will never rise again!”. Even at that age I found the monster costumes amusing rather than scary, but not having many other programmes to look forward to, we waited for that half hour of Ultraman with great anticipation!

      I hope that helps, and good luck on your assignment!

      Best wishes,


  22. Dear Yangsze,
    I just finished reading both your books, one right after the other. I was mesmerized by the images of the vague folk beliefs my Chinese husband has told me over the years. I felt like I was reading literary anthropology. It helped me understand so many beautiful aspects of the culture I married into. (I wish I could have read the book with my husband but it scared him too much!) I thought your imagery was so beautiful and calming, reassuring somehow. Thank you for sharing your culture and your stories. I’m anxiously waiting for your next heroine to cheer on. xiè xiè ni

    • Hi Regina,

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed both my books, and glad that you found the history and culture interesting. I will try my best to keep writing! 😍❤️

  23. Hi Yangsze, I’ve just finished your wonderful book “The Night Tiger” which to me had a strong sense of the mysterious connections and co-incidences that make all our lives magical and special. Your book particularly resonated for me in this respect because I was born in Malaysia back in colonial times to an Irish mother and an English father. The family left to return to England in 1957 and I have never been back since. But last year I booked a flight to return to where I was born in the summer of 2020; and because of this my daughter bought me your book for a Christmas present. She only knew it was set in Malaysia and not much else. It was only when I started to read that I found out that much of the action takes place in Batu Gajah, including at Batu Gajah Hospital – the actual place where I was born and where my mother worked as the head midwife. It gets stranger: the heading of Chapter 32 reads “Batu Gajah, 22 June” – the exact day I was born! I was already really looking forward to my visit this year. Now I am beyond excited. Thank you for your incredible gift of story telling.

    • Hi Paul, how wonderful to hear about your background! Thank you so much for sharing—I was delighted to hear that Batu Gajah holds such personal meaning to you. I’ve always thought of it as a charming small town with a peculiar name, that we would pass through when I was a child visiting my grandparents. When I was writing The Night Tiger, I went back to Batu Gajah (and Taiping, and Ipoh) again to make sure that I’d got all the distances and landmarks about right. I was lucky enough to visit the hospital as well, and one wing of it is still very much as it was back in the 1950s. I’m sure your mother would have recognized it the tiled floor and the swinging half-doors of some of the wards! Malaysia has really changed and developed a lot, especially the highways, which no longer follow the old slow road from KL to Ipoh that passed through the main streets of many small towns, but there is still lots of tasty food! I hope you have a wonderful visit. 😁

  24. Dear Yangszee,

    How did i not know about your blog, your new novel, & that Netflix has adapted The Ghost Bride? Having little ones can make you fall behind on some current events! Imagine my surprise as i searched and found out you had a new novel, a blog, a show….it was like Alice through the looking glass. I have read your novel twice. Both times were in different stages of my new parenthood journey. It’s so beautifully written. You took a time period in history which captivates me and immersed me into a culture and world that i had very little knowledge but thoroughly enjoyed exploring. The most deepest congratulations on the success of your work. I can’t wait to begin The Night Tiger. Please do keep writing, i’m ( as all your fans are) ready to continue more adventures.

    • Yangzee, I’m soo thrilled about the Ghost Bride Netflix series! Have read the book 3 times now… given the series would there be a sequel? Looking forward to more books from you

      • Hi Luz,

        I’m so glad you liked the Netflix series! I hope that they will do a second season, though we’ll have to wait to find out if that happens. As for a book sequel, I had it in mind to write a whole other section of the book, though that had to be put aside as the novel was getting too long already. One day I would certainly love to write about their further adventures!😍

    • Hi Nicolle,

      Thank you so much! Time does fly, especially with kids (and they grow so fast too!). I’m so happy that you enjoyed The Ghost Bride, and hope that you have fun reading The Night Tiger as well. I’m currently working on a third novel, and will try my best to keep writing!🥰

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  26. Hi Yangsze,

    Is there anywhere I can buy signed copies of your books?

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Millard

    • Hi Jonathan, there are a few bookstores that might have signed copies in stock, available for mail order, one of them being Warwick’s in San Diego, where I was last at a book signing before COVID hit. If for some reason you can’t find any, do let me know. Best wishes!

    • Hi Randi, I would love to come visit via Zoom! Did you by any chance also contact me through my publicist, Amelia? If so, I have your email already. If not, please let me know! 🥰

  27. Hi Yangsze, i am currently reading the night tiger during quarantine and it definitely is an amazing and stunning book and i am truly keen to finish this book, and read other books of urs. But may i ask what does the star symbol that some of your pages have above the page number in the night of tiger. Is it some mystery hidden in the book because i see no pattern about the stars. There are nobody talking about the stars so i am truly intrigued.

    • Hi Victor, thank you so much for reading The Night Tiger! The star symbol is actually just a printer’s decoration. From what I can tell, it occurs where in the original manuscript, there is a line break to indicate a shift in time in or place in the story. That’s all there is to it. Hope that helps, and happy reading! 😊

  28. I just finished reading your book The Night Tiger how amazing this book is. It’s become like a book club in the classroom at the preschool I work at. The lead teacher started to read it then the assistant teacher then me. I picked up your next book The Ghost Bride maybe my co teachers will follow suit. Your books are a great distraction right now and like a mini vacation inside a book.

  29. Good day Yangsze. I am Stephenie and firstly, I want to say what a brilliant story of The Night Tiger you have written. I finish reading it in 3 days and still having some hangover effects from the book.
    Also, my book club, Paperback Book Club will be discussing The Night Tiger this month on 31 October 2020 at 3pm Malaysian time over Zoom. It would such an honour and delight if you could join our discussion as many of our members are currently reading your book and they are super excited for the discussion.
    I really hope you will consider our humble invitation and hope to get your reply soon. Till then, keep writing and take care!

    Paperback Book Club (FB page: Paperback Book Club)

  30. Hi Yangsze 🙂

    I just finished reading The Ghost Bride two weeks ago and absolutely LOVED how the story turned out, especially the ending which I found so fitting for Li Lan’s unconventional and larger-than-life character! Also this is the first time I’ve ventured into Malaysian literature and it give me so much pride seeing my home represented so well. A real heartfelt thank you for that :’)

    On a side, I’m actually writing a book review on the Ghost Bride for my university assignment, and was hoping you could help answer very few questions about your writing process (which would be very useful for me but only if you don’t mind!)

    1. Roughly how long would you say it took you to write the Ghost Bride?
    2. Was it a struggle to maintain the Malaysian authenticity in the writing (i.e. the slang and explanation of customs) in a way that still spoke to and was understood by all audiences?
    3. Which character did you have the most fun writing?
    4. A mentioned, I personally LOVED ending, but it also left room for the readers’ imagination to wander, so have yo considered writing a sequel, perhaps of one that details what Li Lan gets up to after that?

    Once again, thank you for writing the Ghost Bride, you don’t know how much it truly means to me ❤ And congrats on the Netflix show too, I've already binged all 6 episodes haha! Stay safe and well 😀

    • Hi Karen, thanks so much for reading The Ghost Bride—I’m honoured that you’ve chosen it for your assignment! To answer your questions:
      1. It took me about 5 years to write The Ghost Bride because I’m a veeerry slow writer. Partway through I had to set it aside for a little while because I got stumped (this is what happens when you have no outline!), but it was a fun though long journey.
      2. I think in writing about Malaysia, the way people talk and the descriptions of places flowed quite naturally. For certain characters like Old Wong and Amah, I could hear them shouting in my head in Cantonese, so I just translated that. 😆 You’re right though that there has to be a bit of a balancing act, so that those unfamiliar with the culture can also understand it.
      3. Favourite character: probably Old Wong/Amah for the above reasons!
      4. Yes, I’ve often thought that a sequel would be lots of fun, especially since other difficult family members might make an appearance. One day I would love to do that!

      Thanks again, and good luck on your assignment!

  31. Dear Yangsze,
    My book club just selected Night Tiger for our next meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2021, and would love for you to join us on Zoom. We meet at 2:00 p.m., California time. I finished your book this morning and was fascinated by all the intertwined stories. It would be a real treat for us to visit with you!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Jennifer Smith

    • Hi Jennifer, that sounds wonderful! I’ve sent you an email so we can coordinate. If you haven’t received it by any chance (check spam and promos too) then do let me know either here, or msg me on my FB author page.

  32. Hi Yangsze, we are a small book club of friends in Southern California and will be reading your book in June 2021 for our book club. We would love to have you visit our book club if you have any availability in early July!


  33. Dear Yangsze,

    I loved the ghost bride so much that it has been with me for seven years. It was the title that caught my attention in the bookstore in singapore that I have decided to buy it.
    May I know if it is possible to request for your permission for me to translate the book in simplifed chinese because I would very much love to.
    Here is my email address:

    • Hi Pei Yee, thank you for reading The Ghost Bride! There’s a traditional Chinese edition of the book published by Locus, under the title 彼岸之嫁. I believe that rights to the simplified Chinese edition have also been sold. Best wishes, Yangsze

      • I see. What a pity.
        I never thought of publishing it publicly.
        I was thinking of putting it as a project to showcase in my portfolio of work.
        In this case, will that be alright?

  34. You are one of my favorite authors! Please keep writing! I loved The Ghost Bride and The Night Tiger very much. Wishing you all the best.

    • Hi Alicia, thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed my novels, and will try my best to keep writing! Hopefully my third one will be done soon… 🙂

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